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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between "stamped" concrete and "overlay"?
A. They are two different products. "Overlays" are 1/4 inch thick and are applied over existing concrete. "Stamped" concrete is a process of stamping newly poured concrete.

Q. How soon can I put things on my concrete?
A. Concrete takes 7 to 28 days to fully cure; the curing time for each product is different. Your new concrete requires 2 hours of curing before it can handle light rain and 24 hours before it can withstand ANY foot traffic. Try not to bump or hit your new concrete with hard objects for the first 28 days. You will notice the color changing during the curing process. Don't worry, this is normal for the curing process of concrete.

Q. How do I keep my concrete looking good?
A. Avoid scraping heavy objects across the surface of the concrete. Keep oil (BBQ's, automobile spills, etc.) from the concrete surface. Use "Simple Green" to remove the marks. Never use a wire brush to clean concrete and reseal frequently.

Q. How long will a sealer last?
A. Just like normal housekeeping responsibilities, to maintain the continued beauty of your original concrete project, re-application of sealer may be necessary yearly, depending upon traffic, stains, and environmental conditions on the concrete.

Q. What about cracks in my concrete?
A. Because all concrete cracks, and we want to control where it will appear, we use "control joints" to manage the cracking. Control joints are strategically placed, using industry standards, to allow for movements caused by temperature changes and drying shrinkage. If a workmanship related crack occurs, we will fix it.

Q. What is a "sealer" on my concrete?
A. Sealer is a top coat that's put on particular types of finished concrete projects after it has time to cure to protect the concrete. It usually will enhance the color and beauty of the concrete. Sealers will generally help the concrete to become physically stronger and helps to resist damage from stains, mold and mildew.


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